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Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

I heard a new one the other day from a Very Reliable Source. He was actually surprised I wasn't aware of it. Apparently there's a new way of doing business in town where access to an artist to write with (for) will cost you!

Scenario: If you want to even sniff the same air as this Embodiment of Culture and All Things Com-modified, let alone co-write a song with- haven't you heard?; you must sign a document stating that a percentage of all royalties you, as a songwriter, have earned during the term(s) of said document, will revert to your "Writer/Manager". And that's not just royalties from artist co-write, that's All Royalties from All Sources!

In a less forgiving time this was called 'strong arming'. In a similar time as ours that was called Roman Tribute. Proof that in times of scarcity, it's every songwriter for him/herself. I hope this water-cooler tidbit turns out to be false, and I have to add it to Disclaimer. But until then, "Watch your front!"

Update 8/10: It's true.

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