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Britt Lane-Beautiful Love CD/DVD
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Britt Lane, "Beautiful Love" is a CD/DVD which contains six of Steve's beautifully crafted songs, exquisitely rendered by vocalist, Britt Lane. The DVD features a full-length music video, two performance videos, and an artist bio, produced and directed by Greg Leslie- visual artist and Steve's younger brother.This collection is the first release from New Modern Recordings, a creative platform "Creating New Standards". Listen, and watch. We think you'll agree.

Preview the music video from the collection!
Track TitleSample Audio
1. Beautiful Love (00:35)
2. Daylight and Dark (00:30)
3. Back Home (00:35)
4. Somewhere Over You (00:36)
5. That's An Easy One (00:35)
6. What Brings You Back (00:36)