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Greater Gravity (Digital Download only)
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"Greater Gravity" is a collection of 12 of Steve's songs available for the first time! From the opening title cut, "Restless"- a pensive look at love and mutability, to "Full-Time Sinner"- a confessional concerning sons and fathers; from the stylized Western Ballad "Real Horses", to the jarring realism of "Have You Seen Me", Steve proves again that versatility in style, as well as subject matter, is a hallmark of all great songwriters.
Track TitleSample Audio
1. Restless (00:32)
2. You Take Him Everywhere We Go (00:36)
3. Full Time Sinner (00:41)
4. Movie In The Middle Of The Day (00:32)
5. So Much For That (00:37)
6. Real Horses (00:32)
7. OK in LA (00:36)
8. Have You Seen Me (00:42)
9. Strong (00:38)
10. Hello Mexico (00:45)
11. Beachcomber Blues (00:38)
12. Who Knew (00:38)