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APRIL 2019

It'll be mornin' time we leave this town,
We tore it up, now we tear it all down,
Get your wheels on the floor,
And your lights off the ceilin'.
We ride the circuit, and play a pretty good show,
Now we're fifteen hours from Ohio,
And I can't let go of this wanderin' feelin'.
The lights in the window keep passin' me by,
It's time for the workin' man's life.
Look's like we're goin' where we've already been,
It's all the same once you load it all in,
One more time again.
Smoky places, empty faces,
Hard-shell cases.

Detroit Ronny plays guitar,
He's tough with a temper if you push him too far,
You see, she said, "This aint no life,"
"Why, that old guitar is your wife."
Marty Mcfadden's the man on the steel,
He lost his family in an automobile,
Now he don't say much,
But, Lord, there's a feel in his touch.
John plays the bottom, but he barely keeps up,
Liquor won't leave him alone.
And there sits Jimmy, tight as a drum,
He sleeps with the ladies,
When he's far away from the one's he loves.
Smoky places, empty faces,
Hard-shell cases.

Sometimes this old world don't mean a lot,
But a wheel's gonna roll if you like it or not.
We're like a tune that time forgot,
And we just keep on singin'.

Me, I'm the singer, and good with a rhyme,
I collect the money, most of the time,
But it's already spent,
And this ain't no room for the rent.
I feel like I'm flyin' on the edge of the road,
And it's hard to slow this thing down.
We should be there in an hour or so,
I'd get me some sleep,
But this wanderin' feelin' won't let me go,
Smoky places, empty faces, Hard-shell cases.
Smoky places, empty faces, time erases,
Hard-shell cases.