private lessons

I'm taking some time off from teaching to work on a book. I'll still be available for Consultation Sessions and for Mentorship Vacations through Pivot Planet:



    -Spend some intensive time with me and learn, first hand, what it's like to be a professional songwriter and publisher. Brian Kurth of Pivot Planet has really come up with a remarkable way to "test drive" your "dream job".


    Steve would like to thank his mentors- those individuals who consistently, and over an extended period of time, gave of their knowledge, their wisdom, and their encouragement. They continue to inspire and challenge, either through their presence or their memory:

    Milton Stone-Uncle
    Mrs. Young-6th. Grade School Teacher
    Ray Ross-Guitar Instructor
    Dr. Fredrick Mueller-Music Teacher
    Gene Bertoncini-Guitarist and Clinician
    Leo Blair-Guitar Instructor
    Dr. Gallaher-Theory and Arranging Teacher
    Susan Blair-Music History Teacher
    Master Ngo Dong-Martial Arts Instructor
    Master Harry Klapheke-Martial Arts Instructor
    Chris Latham-Studio Engineer, and former Song-Plugger (EMI)
    Roger Springer-Songwriter
    Pat Pattison-Lyric Writing Teacher
    Bobby Fischer-Songwriter
    James Sizemore-Longhaul Trucker, and student
    Lamar Tucker-Meat Dept. Mgr. (Publix), and student
    Here's to life and all the joy it brings,
    Here's to life and dreamers and their dreams,
    May all your storms be weathered,
    And all that's good get better,
    Here's to life, Here's to love,
    Here's to you.
    -A. Butler & P. Molinary